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Key Stage 2



The lron Age covers roughly 700 years before the birth of Christ.
The reconstruction shows what an Iron Age Farm at Dan-yr-Ogof might have looked like.
The Celts came from Europe and settled in Britain. They brought weapons and tools of iron which were harder than bronze.
Their huts were made from tree trunks, and would have been roofed with either straw, bracken, heather, turf, or reeds.
There was a central fire, and the rooms were divided by wattle and daub screens and reed curtains.

The farmer kept his livestock close to where he lived to protect them from predators. He planted crops such as autumn wheat and barley, using a wooden plough with an iron sickle.
The Iron Age people had an excellent diet which included bread and plenty of meat. Beer was a common drink, as was mead.
The animals on display are all directly descended from animals of that period. The Kerry cow has been recorded since Celtic times primarily as a dairy cow. The Iron Age pig died out when cross breeding took place after this time. It was a third of the size of a normal domestic pig, and covered in coarse hair. The Exmoor pony was a native species. It was stocky and long-coated to survive the harsh environment.