A small tunnel-like cave above Dan-yr-Ogof Farm has been known for many years. When you look over the railings at the entrance to Cathedral Cave you’ll see the beginning of this tiny passageway through which members of the South Wales Caving Club squeezed in 1953 to make the most awe-inspiring discoveries.

To their amazement, after blasting their way through boulders to the end of this small tunnel half-filled with water, they came upon a colossal cave passageway, decorated with thousands of delicate ‘straw’ stalactites. Waterfalls cascaded into underground lakes, and unusual formations adorned the cave walls. This was the beautiful cavern we now know as “The Dome of St. Paul’s”.

Cathedral Cave and its wonders are now viewed by thousands of people from all over the world every year, and it is regularly chosen as the most spectacular venue for a wedding!
Cathedral Cave
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