Explore one of the world’s largest award-winning dinosaur parks – see over 220 life-sized dinosaur models, and get up close and personal with some of the monsters from millions of years ago!

Dare you face the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex that could swallow 230kg of meat in a single bite? Meet the massive Brachiosaurus weighing more than 15 elephants, and wonder at the strange and unusual crest on the Tsintaosaurus’ head!

With so many dinosaurs on site, will you find your favourite…?
Dinosaur Park
Kid's Zone
Top Dino
Each month we hold a colouring competition. The picture is already for you to add some creativity.
Memory test - Correctly match pairs of dinosaur images to finish the game.
Can you name the Dinosaurs in this short quiz? If you're stuck, use the 'Hint' button.
Each month, we feature one of these magnificent creatures from the past.
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