Over 70 million years ago the first horses appeared on earth. Believe it or not, they were the size of terrier dogs. As time passed two types of horses evolved. One was the slender racing horse with which we are familiar today. The other was the large heavy work and war horse.

These massive creatures at one time carried knights in armour and were the front line in set battle pieces. Imagine the terror of the enemy when confronted with a charge of horses each twice the size of any thing we see today.

Shire horses were the horse power of the recent past. Without them there would have been little industrial development and no incredible battles. They are a proud breed of animal, which should never be forgotten - the foundation of our prosperity today.

Come and meet the gentle giants down on the farm!
Shire Horse Centre
Mr Morgan's Victorian Farm
Visit Mr Morgan's Victorian Farm
Mr. Morgan’s Victorian Farm can be found next to the Shire Horse Centre.
Come and meet our farm animals, and see what life was like for Mr. Morgan all those years ago!